How to use the save files on this website

Gameboy Advance

The format used here is .sav
For these to work you need to have the same name as the .gba file,
For example if you have Golden Sun.gba you need to have the save named Golden Sun.sav.

Nintendo DS

If you use a different format use this converter

For these save files to work correctly on your Flash Cart or PC emulator, you will need to rename them to match the name of your NDS file.

For example, if you have an NDS game that you've named Hotel-Dusk.nds, you should name your SAV file to be Hotel-Dusk.sav.

Nintendo Wii

For these save files to work correctly on your Nintendo Wii you will have to download them and move them into the appropriate directory, if you're using a PC emulator you'll have to rename it to the name of your Wii file.

To make them work you will have to put the save in the appropiate folder, for example with Super Mario Galaxy 2 (NTSC-U) you put it in Private→Wii→Title→SB4E→Data.bin

Note to editors: All Nintendo Wii save files are to be named data.bin. You will need to rename the file on your computer before uploading it, as you can't rename the file after uploading.

Sony PSP

For these save files to work on your psp you will have to download the zip file and extract the folder into the right folder.

The directory for save data would be PSP→Save Data

For psp saves the end of the folders should have Data00, if you are using multiple saves the secon save should have DATA01 and can be renamed into any order desired

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